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                                                                                                                                    On 3rd May 2022 Auspicious Day of AKSHAY TRITIYA Launching Promotion of Traditional Therapies in India




  • This course is designed to upgrade skills of Existing Traditional Therapists for Quick and Effective Results in PAIN MANAGEMENT.
  • This Course is offered under Movement of creating PAIN FREE INDIA.
  • Through this course you will learn how to reduce any kind of pain within 3 Seconds to 3 Minutes without any Medicines?
  • This Course is designed to reduce cost of Medications and surgeries in India
  • This Course is designed to make BHARAT ATMANIRBHAR on Health care Sector by Promoting Harmless (without Side Effect) therapies in Society.
  • This Course will increase your result delivery capacity, on Pain Pathology.
  • Under this course you will learn scientific understanding on PAIN defined by Modern Medicines and Traditional way to deliver permanent solution
  • After learning this course you will become an instrument in preventing damage to vital organs of Indian Populations by avoiding heavy Drugs to control PAINS.
  • Modern Medicines we have inherited from British and later America but Indian Board of Medicines are effective based on 1000s of Year proved practices
  • Again time has come to prove Effectiveness of our Traditional systems with Evidence Based research work for Global Level.
  • If you are Traditional Therapist like BAMS or BHMS and using Modern Medicines for its quick symptomatic suppression approach then its time for you to understand science of traditional medicines and this course might be a life changing experience for you.

Eligibility – BAMS, BHMS, BNYS, Yoga Therapist/ Trainer, RMPs, Physiotherapy, Dental, ANY SCIENCE GRADUATE WITH BiPC

      • Theory Classes 72 hours in 6 Months
      • Practical Classes 144 hours in 6 Months
      • After Learning this course
      • Every Practitioner will know how to relieve pain and revive the synovial membrane or Spine Pains.
      • They will also know how to prevent relapses of PAINS by changing life style and Natural Laws.
      • They will learn how to treat patients permanently.
      • If you wish to join this course of 3 months with Theory and practical knowledge give your details in following link.


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