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                                                                                                                                    On 3rd May 2022 Auspicious Day of AKSHAY TRITIYA Launching Promotion of Traditional Therapies in India


We Indian population have seen Various Measures to Confine COVID-19 in India. (Read my previos blogs) Compared to World we are in better position in terms of Infection  per 10,00,000 or 1m Population and in terms of Death Ratio. Though we are 2nd Country in world in terms of Most affected on 18th October 2020….

Hi All, I am again writing based on our Web conference with Central Minister Harshwardhan ji on Medical preparation of GoI to fight against COVID-19. As chronology of events Globally and In India I already posted in my previous post. In This post I am going to talk about Government Plans B and Plan C…

Good Wishes to All, We all are worried about CORONA VIRUS Known as COVID-19. On 31st December 2019 it was informed by China to WHO that they had found a Virus with unknown etiology. Thus its known as COVID-19. All of us are under Lockdown due to CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19. As this time we find…