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SJ T. Jignesh Gokani

SJ T. Jignesh Gokani - Sujok Master

SJ T. Jignesh Gokani started his career as a SuJok Therapist in the year 1999.
At present, he is an Independent SuJok Therapy Practitioner, SuJok lecturer, contributing member in various SuJok associations, traditional therapy forums and Health related associations for creating best health care systems in India.

He is making progressive endeavors to structure a University Programs to regularize SuJok Training Programs in India.

  • Any kind of pain in the body can be relieved within 3- Seconds to 3- Minutes.
  • Trained more than 1000 students in various levels of Sujok Therapy.


  • 2008–Became Resource person in Saurashtra University.
  • 2012 -Became Member in ISA-National Committee.
  • 2013– Became Gen. Secretary of ISA-India.
  • 2013 -Became Convenor for ISA-GlobalSujok Master-1.
  • 2014 -Chair Person for medical Committee of SDBLS- LOHANA
  • 2016– President of Legal and recognition Department, ISA-India.
  • 2016 -President South India Education Department.
  • 2018– Lohana Maha parishad Zone head of South India.


  • 2012 – Best soul in Sujok Therapy.
  • 2015 -Free Services in Sujok Therapy by Depy. CM Mahmood Ali sir AIIE.
  • 2016- Best Lecturer in Sujok Therapy – By ISA-Global President.
  • 2016- Free Services in Sujok Therapy by Mayor ji AIIE.
  • 2016- Best Management personality, ISA-INDIA.
  • 2017- Free Services in Sujok Therapy by Depy. CM Mahmood Ali Ji, Home Minister and Revenue Minister, Etala Rajendra Prasad ji AIIE.