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Clinic Of Medical Ethics for Live Integrated Vibrant Energy Systems


  • Dr. Manu Japee and his philosophy- If you can’t help patient no problem- but one should never become a reason for the enhancement of medical problems of patients.
  • The body is created perfectly – Most of us were born healthy Nothing is wrong or faulty in body.

Then what is Disease?
Disease comes in our body From where?
Then what should be done when you are suffering with symptoms or Diseases?


How do we define Human Physical Boday?

  • Body is made up of 14 different Systems like Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory etc.
  • Systems are consisting of Organs
  • Organs are made up of Muscles (Except Brain)
  • Muscles are nothing but bunches of Tissues/Fibres
  • Tissues/Fibres are composed of Cells
  • So we are nothing but billions of trillions of cells composition as an individual.

This is How our body is defined by Modern medicine or Western Medicine- Allopathy.

But if you see or define our body from Indian books of Ayurveda and particularly according to Upanishadas text  (Taitreya Upnishad) point of view –
We are not only physical body but We are composition of 5 koshas.

What are the composition of 5 koshas?

  1. Annamay Kosha– Physical body or material world-Perceivable by 5 senses.
  2. Pranmay Kosha– Metaphysical Or Energy Level World
  3. Manomay Kosha– Emotional or Mind World
  4. Gyanmay Kosha– Intellectual or Brain World
  5. Anandmaya Kosha– Bliss or Spiritual world (ultimate purpose of existence)


These Panch Koshas are forming our body and existence and are being controlled by 4 ANTAR MOUNAS

What are 4 Antar Mounas?

1. Maan– Center of Emotions origin is Mind
2. Budhhi– Center of Intelligence origin is Brain
3. Chitta– Center for Realization of Truth origin is Consciousness.
4. Ahankar– Comes from Body and Energy which is perceived as Ego.

For many centuries or Decades We have been drifted away from originality of our HINDU scriptures which are written in Sanskrit. Now in present era we all have entered in Global culture understanding. Means we understand only things written or printed in English. This is Understandable as we were slaves for 200 and odd years.

Our Normal Understanding

  • So its our belief all those things which are expensive are considered to be good. Many times we feel satisfied once we spend good amount of money.
    But, this might be illusionary or delusive at times is our experience.
  • You need to rely on Doctor and his subordinates who ask you for your disease and duration of disease and family history of disease than those who ask your profession and family back ground your Medical Insurance or your earnings of other members.
  • You should go to a Doctor or therapist who treats you and not your pockets.
  • So try to identify Clinics of Medical Ethics which exists though less in numbers.

Purpose Of Human Beings' Existence

The whole purpose of existence is to integrate life forces on Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and The spiritual aspect of life. Integration of these energies is very important to achieve the final purpose of Existence. Energies are the real-life current running inside us. We can compare it with electricity, when we see any electronic equipment functioning -What we can see is electronic or electrical equipment -Switchboard or wire connected but We can’t see electricity.

When we see wires or electronic equipment FUNCTIONING we think that everything is happening because of design or quality of equipment, But we realize the truth only when ELECTRICITY is not there. Similarly in our body we see movement and activities of Body but don’t see underlying current in the form of Energy which makes it happen. This underlying current has been defined by different sciences with different names Like-

Ayurveda defined as Prana Shakti flowing through Nadis,

Chinese Philosophy defined as Chi or Qi,

Japanese and Korean people defined as Ki,

Rationalists defined it as Cosmic Energy and

Modern Science defined it as Bio-Electric Energy.

As we all know that Water is a fundamental requirement for all Existence including human beings on this planet. But it is defined differently based on language or pronunciation in different places or countries. Like- Water, Neel, Wari, Jal, Pani, H2O, etc. Similar way           Bio electricity is same defined differently by different sciences.
So diseases are nothing but derangement of these energies. Thus only chemicals balancing is not sufficient enough to restore the damage or derangement of energies. All Traditional therapies work on the restoration of these energy imbalances.

What is Health and Life Concept?

We all are alive as long as these energies flow in our body harmoniously. This energy flow has been defined by many ancient scholars with different names under traditional therapies such as-
1. Cosmic Energy pathways,
2. Natural Energy path,
3. Bioelectric Energy path,
4. Nadis in Ayurveda (72,000)
5. Meridians in Chinese Acupuncture (14+6).
6. Similar thing had explained by Modern (spiritual) Scientist Albert Einstein when he gave law on energy for which he received Nobel prize.

Is it coincidence that similar thing is defined in all religion? 

Aatma in Hindu religion or soul in different religions
All religions try to teach the role of Soul in our life– its considered as part of HIM. It comes in any living creature (at Birth time) and goes out (at Death time) of the body without any friction of fight. We generally know it as natural law of existence. This soul is an instrument to perform our universal Drama of life with different roles as human beings.


Life is a process of Energy exchange from Childhood to Maturity and Maturity to Death. Everything is properly planned and being executed. Life is full of Vibrations. Nothing is constant. It is all in the form of energy waves that moves this universe. Same vibrations are within us and outside of us. These vibrations are real channel of exchange of Energies. We all know nothing is permanent in this world.
Not even human beings then why are we considering some diseases as permanent?
Is any disease greater than human beings?

If only chemicals can’t find solution does it mean solution does not exist?

At COME for LIVES we believe everything has solution as GOD has created everything perfect and harmonious. Everything is perfect in this world.
As human beings we don’t have control over two phenomenon they are Point of Birth and Point of Death. These two keys are always with HIM.
At COME for LIVES We try to make life beautiful between these points by maintaining good Live Integrated Vibrant Energy System Balanced Known as LIFE.
COME for LIVES we adopt all those systems which try to restore the body functionality than just management of symptoms.