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This is case of Diabetes Melitus Type-I. As we say Diabetes patient once take Insuline can't be reversed particularly for TYPE-I Diabetes. Here is a Case to share.…

CloseHistory: I was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 10. My condition was extremely critical owing to the confusion caused by my test reports. None of which showed any sign of Sugar in my blood. I was given insulin immediately to bring my sugar to normal. It took my doctors nd me two years of diet, exercise and constant monitoring to get my sugars to a onstant level of normal. I was quite healthy Child, but had lost a considerable amount of weight which my body had refused to re-gain for a long time. Meanwhile I was taken to many specialists and I was advised by almost everyone who knows that I was affected by diabetes. It was shock for everybody that a Child of merely 10 years could have an ailment they always thought affected the aged!! Acceptance and Symptoms:
  • But all said and done, I was still dependent on insulin, The doctors had formally told me that Diabetes has no cure and it can only be “controlled” by insulin and exercise, Diet. I now believed the same and tried to live a life as normal as possible.
  • Before starting treatment I had swelling in my body.
  • I always felt lethargic and was easily exhausted all these were effects of external medication, I was told later.
  • My insulin dosage was 40 units per day
Introduction to Sujok Therapy In 2006, My father suffered with spondylitis. He came across a Sujok herapist and after undergoing treatment found great relief. He told me about it and I was taken to the Sujok Specialist. Thus my treatment had begun. I was apprehensive in the beginning as to how someone could cure the ailment which required life-long medication. But after regular treatments, my insulin level drastically dropped. Effect of Sujok therapy
  • By the end of 4th month, my insulin intake was 50% of what it used to be.
  • My confidence thus increased.
  • After 6 months of Regular Sujok Treatment my overall health improved.
  • I felt more energized and less exhausted.
  • My insulin dosage was now 12-10 Units as compared to 40 units per day.
  • Now there was hope that I would be cured completely.
My Mistake After 7 months of Sujok Treatment, I went for a track in the mountains. I was having a lot of fun and due to my negligence, and may be over confidence; I took my health for granted. I had a stomach infection and also had not taken medication properly. One thing lead to another and my condition had come back to the critical state as it was in beginning. Emergency Management
  • I was given high dosage of insulin along with antibiotics.
  • It was a devastating and shocking period for my family.
  • I was rushed back to my home town.
  My Sujok therapy again started and helped me get my insulin dosage down and thus my sugar levels were controlled. Now I am taking 12 units of insulin. Due some circumstances, I was not able to continue my Sujok Sessions for some months. My doctors now assure me that after 3 more months of regular and continuous treatments. I will be independent of insulin and I will be completely cured. I am sure this will be possible, As I know have complete confidence on this Sujok Science.
C. Narasimha Rao
Husband of patient
Sujok Therapy on Heart Problem 10-01-2008
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Chronic Patients of Heart with other Health Issues.
Many People ask Does Sujok therapy work on Chronic Patients?
Here is an answer from a beneficiary.…

Close  My wife has under gone Bypass Surgery in August 1996. From That time we are using medicines for Thyroid, Hyper Tension, Sugar and For Heart. Whenever we go to a doctor they are giving one or two medicines or increasing the potency of medicines to subside that problem. Totally around 12-15 Tablets se has to consume daily. Last year (in 2006) our regular Cardiologist changed some medicines. After That for almost 2 months she is alright. Then slight swelling appeared at the Rt. Leg ankle without any pains. We consulted 3 or 4 Physicians.  They prescribed medicines and reduced swelling for a week or two. Finally we approached the same cardiologist and explained him about the swelling. Finally he changed one medicine out of his prescription saying that may be the cause for swelling. After that swelling reduced completely. My daughter gathered information about this Sujok expert SJ T.  Jignesh Goakni through her friends. One of the Friend Ranjita’s Mother in law had under gone treatment at Chennai for Kidney Trouble. The Doctor at Chennai discharged her due to No hope for any improvement. They brought her back to Hyderabad. SJ T. Jignesh Gokani had started her treatment and now she is very healthy. On hearing instances we also approached SJ T. Jignesh Gokani and informed our trouble. From 5th August 2007 we started treatment here. Now we have reduced 7 tablets even then , the Sugar is controlled. There is No side effect of this Therapy up till now. She is feeling better compared to past. This is my personal Experience and Suggestion that this type of Treatment is always better.  As It activates the non functional or less functional systems to normal and also creates no Side effects. Expenditure is also considerably less than the Allopathy.
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HISTORY: Slow development and Growth from Birth Difficulties with fine and gross motor skills Lack of Concentration Diagnosed William’s syndrome At the age 20-21, got depression and having Schizophrenia Symptoms. Allopathic Treatment: Was put on Anti Depressant from age 8 Was on Anti- Psychotic drugs from age 22 Prognosis was to live with the disease.…

  • Slow development and Growth from Birth
  • Difficulties with fine and gross motor skills
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Diagnosed William’s syndrome
  • At the age 20-21, got depression and having Schizophrenia Symptoms.
Allopathic Treatment:
  1. Was put on Anti Depressant from age 8
  2. Was on Anti- Psychotic drugs from age 22
  3. Prognosis was to live with the disease. There was no cure
Sujok therapy:
  1. Came to know about it from a well wisher
  2. Tried a few treatments and found improvement.
  3. I personally learnt level 1 and Level 2 of Sujok Therapy.
Effect of Sujok Therapy:
  • After about 60 treatments, the patient is having less Schizophrenia symptoms.
  • Allopathic medicines has been reduced by 80%.
  • Side effects due to medicines like Frequent coughing, drowsiness, etc have almost disappeared.
  • We are hoping that within a few months allopathic medicines will be completely stopped and the patient will have no disease.
  • Sujok is a Great therapy and Treatment.
  • Thanks to SJ T. Jignesh Gokani for bringing new hope for my Son.
Mr. Sudheer Mehta (Kolkotta)
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Sujok Therapy is world's fastest therapy in pain management.
Any Kind of Pain can be Relieved within 3 Seconds to 3 seconds.
Look what Patient has to say on it? …

CloseHISTORY AND INTRODUTION I, Mrs. K Vijaya Lakshmi, resident at Nacharam, Hyderabad is taking treatment from SJ T. jignesh Gokani (Sujok Specialist) since 16-11-2006 i.e. for more than 18 months. For the ailment of Knee Pain, back pain and Foot Pains. I as suffering very much by these pains and and I could not even
  • Stand for 10 minutes or
  • Sit for 10 minutes or
  • Even walk for 10 minutes due to these pains.
  • I tried all types of Medicines Ayurveda, Allopthy, Homoeopathy etc.
  • I spent lot of money for these medicines but could not get any relief,
  • My all efforts to get relief from joint pains went in vain.
  • I was also very much fed up in swallowing medicines
INTRODUCTION TO SUJOK THERAPY To get a Good Doctor is also blessing of GOD. I believe I could get the treatment from Dr. Jignesh Gokani through GOD’s Grace only.  I came to know about Dr. jignesh Gokani through Mr. Anand ji who was our Yoga Sir. I used to attend Yoga Classes near our residence to get relief from my pains. In the beginning I used to take treatment twice in a week from SJ Th. Jignesh Gokani and after some time once in a week and there after once in fortnight. Now I am very much happy with this treatment and got the relief. OPINION ABOUT SUJOK THERAPY I can surely say there is no other treatment which can give effective cure for all the problems which the general public is facing now days. The only thing I am impressed in this treatment is it works without any medicine. This point is very important because people are spending more money in search of Doctors – Medicines without proper Cure. I am happy that I could at least get a Good Doctor. I send People whom I come across to                           SJ T. Jignesh Gokani ji for their good Health. I feel happy when they are getting rid of their problems. Sujok Is wonderful Science. I am happy to say that I also learnt first level treatment (of Instant Pain Management) from SJ T. Jignesh Gokani Ji. Thanks to SJ T. Jignesh Gokani ji K. Vijaya Lakshmi 8-06-2007
T. Narsa Reddy -
Ex. MLA Gadwel
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Introduction to SUJOK Therapy: I came to know about Sujok Therapy through one of my well wisher whose Sister was taking the treatment of Sujok Therapy, When I was suffering with Lower back pain, Cervical Spondolytis, Numbness in Legs (for 20 days), Vertigo, Acidity, Gastric problem. Historty: According to Doctors my Lumber Pain wa due…

CloseIntroduction to SUJOK Therapy: I came to know about Sujok Therapy through one of my well wisher whose Sister was taking the treatment of Sujok Therapy, When I was suffering with Lower back pain, Cervical Spondolytis, Numbness in Legs (for 20 days), Vertigo, Acidity, Gastric problem. Historty: According to Doctors my Lumber Pain wa due to Slipped disk. One of the senior Orthopedic Surgeon of Yashoda Hospital recommended Surgery. The cause of my problem was my extensive travelling of approximately 200-300 Km per Day. Doubt on Sujok Therapy: When I met a Sujok Therapist Jignesh Gokani, he assured me for a complete recovery through Sujok Therapy which I could not Believe in the biginning. But as I wanted to avoid Surgery, I thought of giving a Try. Effect of SUJOK Therapy: To my surprise, in the first 3 treatments I had tremendous relief and then subsequently my Pain also came down. o far I have taken 15 treatments in a span of 2 months. And I have resumed my normal working without any problems. During my Treatment my wife had also taken treatment for Thyroid problem and one of my Daughters took the treatment for Acne. Our whole family is very happy by taking this treatment. SJ T. Jignesh Gokani had told me that Acupuncture is Government recognized science and they are running Diploma in Sujok Therapy course under Cenre for Continuing Education, Saurashtra University, Rajkot. He is one of the Lecturers in the Saurashtra University. We have recommended to the Honorable Health Minister of State Government of Andhra Pradesh, to D.L. Ravinder Reddy Sir for formation of Sujok Acupuncture Council of Andhra Pradesh. I have sent more than 50 Patients from my Constituency Gajwel, Medak District to SJ T. Jignesh Gokani suffering with Various ailments and Most of them are happy. 10-04-2012 T. Narsa Reddy MLA Gajwal, Medak District
Lt. Gen. B K Chengapa
Lt. Gen. B K Chengapa, PVSM, AVSM (Retd) 06-04-2012
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Experience of Retd. Lt. Gen. of Sujok Therapy for his 12 Years old Respiratory Problem.…

CloseMY EXPERIENCE WITH SUJOK THERAPY: My Experience with SUJOK started with the presentation given by Dr. Jignesh at Secunderabad Club on a Sunday Morning. Concept and Management of Health in Sujok is based on the principle of free Flow of energy in the body for a              Dis-ease free life, Sounded very logical. Sujok claims that they have treatment for ailment ranging from Cold to Cancer. I was convinced of their belief an decided o try out their way of medical System. I was suffering from Throat Irritation and Cough with every seasonal change since last 10 Years. Cough and Throat Irritation would continue for approximately three months. SUJOK treatment by Dr. Jignesh Gokani for a week cured me of the Chronic ailment. My spouse was suffering from Pain in the legs sine Six- Years, treatment by various Allopathic Doctors and Specialists was taken -what was believed to be Sciatica/ "Restless Legs Syndrome" brought no relief. Sujok Treatment by Dr. Jignesh cured the problem in a week. I am convinced that Sujok Therapy's way of Treatment has immense potential for application for Bringing relief to people ailing from Various diseases. B K Chengapa Lt. Gen (Retired) 06-04-2012