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                                                                                                                                    On 3rd May 2022 Auspicious Day of AKSHAY TRITIYA Launching Promotion of Traditional Therapies in India

Hindu Civilization and Triorigin Theory

This is the theory which needs to be established properly in Society for the larger interest of Mankind including Health Care Industry. Similar things are defined by Indian philosophy too. We as Indians are following this philosophy with scientific understanding for centuries but last 2-3 generations who studied more English than Sanskrit. Let’s see a few examples, we have defined
Why only 4 Yugas?  Why only 4 Vedas?   Why only 4 Varnas?   Why only 4 Stages of Life?
So, the somewhere ancient philosophy of Indian fundamental law of existence and the Triorigin forces defined by Prof are very scientific. There are many things in Hindu civilization which we practice but we are not completely aware of it. Like In Hindu civilization we have four different meaning for the words like…
1. Shabdharth means synonym,
2. Bhavarth means the meaning behind the group of words,
3. Tatwarth means the essence of the group of words or Story
4. Gudharth that means the hidden message inside a group of words or Story.

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