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                                                                                                                                    On 3rd May 2022 Auspicious Day of AKSHAY TRITIYA Launching Promotion of Traditional Therapies in India


We Indian population have seen Various Measures to Confine COVID-19 in India. (Read my previos blogs)

Compared to World we are in better position in terms of Infection  per 10,00,000 or 1m Population and in terms of Death Ratio. Though we are 2nd Country in world in terms of Most affected on 18th October 2020. In India

Confirmed Case – 74,92,727  Active Cases- 7,83,066 Recovered – 65,94,399  Deceased – 1,14,064

Death Ratio is 1.52% lowest among first 7 Countries most affected as of Now. How this happened? 

What all we did to Avoid spread of Infection or to Control COVID-19?

  • Janta karfew
  • Lockdown – 1,2,3
  • Locked Areas
  • Partial Lockdown
  • Hot Spots Defined
  • Containment Areas were defined
  • Cluster Containment , Micro Containment
  • Red Zone, Orange Zone, Green Zone
  • Unlock -1, 2
  • Work from Home
  • Video Conferencing
  • Quarantine Centers, Hotel Quarantine, Home Quarantine,
  • Online Application, Online Approvals
  • Online Exams and Online Results

All These systems developed and appeared to stop growth of CORONA. Still CORONA is not controlled across the world. We also adopted few measures to Fight with CORONA Medically-

  • Mask, P-90, N-95 and so on
  • Sanitization – Fuming, Shower
  • For checking – Thermal Gun, Thermal Screening
  • PPE Kits
  • Social and then Physical Distancing
  • Isolation Wards, CORONA Ward, COVID Hospital , Ventilators
  • COVID test, COVID kits, Rapid test Kits, Private labs, Private Test
  • Private COVID care centers,
  • Monitoring on Positive Case, Active case, Asymptomatic Case, Recovery rate, Death rate etc.
  • COVID Insurance

All this activities are COVID Administration and COVID Medical Management.

We accepted without any Question what ever WHO or Western Countries issued advisories from Time to Time. Whole world has accepted that as we all are part and Partial of Global Civilization -so we need to listen and Coexist. No doubt about it. What is Global Scenario on COVID?

World Knows there is no remedy of COVID-19. But if America says HCQ then all will say HCQ.                                                  Oxford Scientist will say Remdesivir then Half world will say Remdesivir. In spite of knowing there is no Cure still in world and In India there is Black marketing of Medicines are going on. We all see around us particularly those whose Family member was admitted in Private hospital.

WHO or ICMR can answer this Question? Do we have any Clear Cut medicine for COVID-19? If No.

Then Next question is India can resolve this COVID-19 issue on its own Capacity? Answer is YES.

Not only for India but for World like CORONA or similar to CORONA any kind of Virus can be handled. After Reading this you may be surprised. You may not believe this, that is also possible. It might look exaggeration. But to understand this we will have to check whats happening in world during this time.


In Africa a small country called MADAGASKAR how fighting against COVID-19?

They found that Artemisia a Herbal Plant helped 2 patients to recover from COVID-19. 

When President of MADAGASKAR Andry Rajoelina knew about it he immediately gave name MADAGASKAR TONIC FOR COVID. He became the Brand Ambassador. He promoted in his country and sold in another 4 Countries. In Spite of Global economical Slow Down MADAGASKAR economy Grew. Though WHO is not recognizing it! Again in July few cases appeared but in stead of getting frightened they gave name to Artemisia as GREEN-GOLD.  Total Population of MADAGASKAR is 27,691,018 (27.6 m) only 55 People died due to CORONA its on 87th Number in Death Count.

IRAN is also not behind. Mr. Mohammad Reza Shams-Ardakani, Director of the department of Iranian traditional medicine at Ministry of Health has informed that Irani Companies have prepared Herbal medicine for COVID-19 based on 20 herbal ingredients. Mainly Phudina (Mint) and Ajwain (Carom Seeds). They tried this on 2000 patients in Iran did not wait for Approval of WHO.

Now lets talk about origin of COVID-19 China. Though it started with Wuhan largest Populated country in world! They successfully very fast recovered and controlled. So far only 4,634 Deaths when Recovery rate is 94%.

How CHINESE people treated COVID-19?

No one could know what happened and how they controlled? America and Other Countries and finally with pressure of WHO pressurized CHINA published White Paper in only one English News paper in China Global Times and after reading whole world was surprized. Many are not yet Believing as CHINA claims that to treat COVID-19 more than 90% they have used TCM- Traditional Chinese medicines.

Its true as in CHINA there is integrated Medicine approach. In China if anyone falls sick Their 1st Line of treatment is Chinese System of medicines means Herbal means AYURVEDA. CHINA has sold its medicines to CANADA and other 5 Countries and Earned Money.


If we remember then Government of India had allowed both Ministry to participate in Combat with COVID-19. Ministry of Health and Family welfare and Ministry of AYUSH.

Government of India was aware from Beginning that most effective drug for COVID-19 was steroids when Virus aggressively Attack for 72 Hours. They also knew if Steroids are used during Treatment who are on other Medications like Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Thyroid, Kidney Problems, Asthma, Liver Problem or Old Age people then administration of Steroid might be dangerous. Thus Government had asked Since March Month elderly people to Stay at Home.

Again if you have read my previous 2 Blogs. I had written that Government was very clear about COVID-19 patients Categories as defined by WHO as per 1st data given by CHINA .

  1. Mild or  Asymptomatic Patients– These patients are Positive but can be managed -their immunity good (40%).
  2. Moderate Patients – These patients need Medical attention some times Oxygen if Needed. (40%).
  3. Severe Patients – They need 24 Hours Doctor, Oxygen and observation (20%)
  4. Critical Patients – Out of 20% severe patients 5% enter Emergency and Need Oxygen and Ventilator as Support in ICU. Out of these 5% Patients 3% patients might Die.

Government of India wanted no one Should die due to COVID Or minimize Death by proper actions.

There was one more important point that after getting in Touch with Virus takes 5 days to 11 days to Manifest. Generally observed time is 7 days. Means for 7 Days this CORONA VIRUS stays in Throat captured by Tonsils.

Thus common symptoms of throat irritation, Mild Fever, Loss of Smell, Loss of Taste was appearing.

Here Government had given this job to Ministry of AYUSH that if we catch and Kill Virus inside throat only then Next Complications can be Prevented. This was the reason of Distribution of IMMUNO BOOST Ayurvedic Kadha and Homoeopathy Medicine Arsenic Albumin -30.

Immunity booster was working 2 ways.

  • To stop the Spread of Virus in side Body and
  • In case anyone get affected also then they wont die due to boosted immunity when Steroids might be given in Hospital.

Again Central Government under Surveillance- it was instructed to all State Governments to confine the Area when any individual is affected in area and to all Suspects of COVID-19 (who came in contact with detected Positive individual) to give Ayurvedic Kadha. This all was announced by Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha ji Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, GoI on 11th April 2020 at 5.00pm.

On the same day at 11.00am Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modid ji had announced and asked Indian Population  to follow instructions of Ministry of AYUSH to be safe.

State Governments were to implement usage of Modern Medicine mainly for COVID-19 positive Patients and Traditional Medicines for all suspect or quarantine people under CCC- Covid care Centres. Many states implemented these guidelines of Central Government and Many states did not.

Those states who implemented these Guidelines were having Scientific Documentations of Patients and out comes of Administration of Medicines. With initial Positive outcome in CCC- COVID CARE CENTERS those state Government started using traditional Medicine mainly Ayurveda and Yoga on COVID-19 Mild patients and Asymptomatic Patients i.e. 1st Category of COVID-19 Patients.

A video was floating in Social media of Shri Jayanti Ravi Madam, Secretary, Ministry of Health and family welfare, Gujarat Government stating that they used Ayurveda for COVID-19 positive patients and found all recovered without any Complications.

But Gujarat is not 1st State to use Ayurveda. Its Kerela which decided to use Ayurveda since 1st April 2020. Other states implemented are Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh apart from Gujarat and Kerela. We remember Before Monsoon Goa was 1st State to be declared CORONA Free State.

On 15th August 2020 Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Bhai Rupani ji inaugurated 1st Dedicated Ayurveda Hospital for COVID-19 in Rajkot, Gujarat. After all these Data and Research work submitted to Central Government and based on that Ministry of Health and Family welfare by consulting ICMR and Niti Ayog declared that first 2 Categories of Patients i.e. COVID Mild, Asymptomatic and Moderate Patients to be treated by Ministry of AYUSH protocols issued by AYURVEDA and YOGA which was proved effective. Remaining 2 categories means Severe & Critical cases to be treated by Modern Medicines/Allopathy.

Now IMA – Indian medical Association actual name should be Indian Allopathic Medical Doctors Association (IAMDA)  is taking objection that why first 2 categories are allowed by Ayurveda and Yoga Protocols? As these 2 categories constitutes 80% of COVID-19 Positive Patients.

IMA defines Ayurvedic Medicines as Placebo?

Are they questioning on Scientific Basis of Ayurveda which they are not aware or Commercial Basis of their Practice?

Let me explain this in little detail for COMMON man to Understand.

Right now which Drugs are being used for COVID-19 as anti Viral medicine?

  • HCQ- Hydroxychloroquine
  • Remdesivir
  • Tocilizumab

These drugs which are being used for treatment of COVID-19 in Allopathy its known as “OFF LABEL MEDICINE”

Important thing about it- these are not proven Drugs. Thus they are known as OFF LABEL MEDICINES.

Now WHO and ICMR – Indian Council of Medical Research, GoI which are meant for taking care of Public Health Globally and In India respectively allows these drugs as trial on patients. Then same IMA accepts it whole heartedly.

But when same ICMR and Ministry of Health along with Research work of Ministry of AYUSH study issued instructions to All States to use Traditional Therapy AYURVEDA and YOGA for COVID-19 1st and 2nd Category of patients, Then same IMA objects??

Why they did not object HCQ, Remdesivir or Tocilizumab? As they were also trial and Error Method to Handle COVID-19 -Because it belongs to Allopathy?

Means IMA Doctors are not concerned about Health of Public or Society though they have taken Hippocratic Oath but are concerned about their Practice or Hospitals in the time of PANDEMIC?

As IMA was established in 1928 By Britishers for their medicine Business so we understand their Stand before 1947. But in 2020 also Indian Origin Citizen carry Torch of Britishers against Indian original Medicine system is not acceptable. So my Humble request to All Bhartiya Citizen and Modern Medicine Doctors – lets promote our Traditional Therapies the way MADAGASKAR, IRAN and CHINA and have promoted their Traditonal medicines.

Why can’t we have proud on our Traditional Therapies and Ministry of AYUSH ? Sanjeevani Mobile Application is gift of Ministry of AYUSH the way Arogya Setu Mobile application is gift from Ministry of Health and family Welfare.

Think about it. We are already late by 70 Years in Understanding Real Truth.






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